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 J-Line Pumps - U.S.A. Fire pumps



Flows up to 5000 GPM

Heads up to 800 Ft (24 Bar)


J-Line Pumps, one of the most respected pumps in America, our pumps steeped in heritagesince 1975. During the last 35 years, hundreds of thousand pumps have been designed and built allowing many of them to continue servicing customer for 35 years. J-Line pumps have been built to meet the ever changing requirements of society, including the fire fighting pumps with both categories UL listed FM approved and Non UL listed Non FM approved pumps and their accessories.

All of our pumps have three superior characteristics; Design, Performance & Durability. J-Line pumps have provided cost effective solutions by building pumps to last. Durability By Design is always the most cost effective solution.